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Last Minute Vacations To Huatulco

Cheap Vacations to Huatulco, Mexico

Quick Facts

Located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, Huatulco is a town centered around its tourist development. It is officially called Bahias de Huatulco and tourists can expect unspoiled nature and a laid back atmosphere. Nine bays encompass 36 beaches and a number of inlets and coves that are yours to discover. The town lies on pristine beaches and lush jungles and has been known for its ecotourism attractions. Huatulco is also has a cruise-ship dock in Santa Cruz Bay. If you are looking to explore during the day and enjoy your accommodations and its amenities at night, Huatulco is an excellent destination for you.

Getting There & Other Transportation

Your flight will land at Bahias de Huatulco International Airport which is roughly 20km from the center of Huatulco. Taxis are available upon arrival as well as car rental services. Make sure you check with your hotel before you leave to see if you have complimentary transportation to and from the airport.

Hotels & Places to Stay

You will find a wide variety of accommodations from rooms for rent, small economy hotels, luxury oceanfront villas, vacation condos, bed and breakfasts and several luxury resorts standing on or near the shores of Tangolunda Bay.

Luxury Resorts:

The Camino Real Zaashila

Quinta Real Huatulco

Las Brisas

Dreams resort & Spa

Barcelo Huatulco Beach Resort

Smaller economy hotels:

Hotel Las Palmas

Mision de los Arcos

Hotel Castillo Huatulco

Princess Mayev Hotel

Hotel La Isla Huatulco

Vacation Condos/Villas:

Villa Blanca Huatulco

Villas Coral

Villa Delfines

Bed & Breakfasts:

Huatulco B B

Fa-sol Villas

Agua Azul la Villa

Dining & Nightlife

Huatulco restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines featuring excellent seafood, international dishes, and regional Mexican specialties.  Here are some restaurants and their cuisine types found in Huatulco:

Don Porfirio (Mexican cuisine and seafood)

El Sabor (Mexican cuisine)

L’Echalote (French cuisine)

Los Portales (Mexican cuisine)

Oasis (Asian cuisine)

Tostado’s Grill (Mexican cuisine)

Terra-Cotta (International cuisine)

As far as nightlife goes, there is a limited number of nightclubs to choose from in the area. This means that everyone goes to those few hot spots. A popular dance club is La Papaya. Popular bars are Bar La Crema, Café Dublin, and The Tipsy Blowfish.


The main attractions in Huatulco center around the 9 bays and their inlets and coves. Since there are so many beaches in the area, water sports and activities on the beach are very popular ways to spend the day. Ecotourism is starting to increase in popularity as groups venture out into the jungle and the mountains to show tourists more of the area’s natural beauty. Ecotourism tours include:


River Rafting


Hiking in jungle trails

Currency, Culture and Language

The official language in Mexico is Spanish.

The official currency in Mexico is the Mexican peso (MXN).