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Last Minute Vacations To Gamboa

Cheap Vacations to Gamboa, Panama

Quick Facts

Gamboa, Panama is a small town that was built to house employees of the Panama Canal. It is the location where North America meets South America and has many amazing natural attractions to explore, including the tropical rainforest that surrounds it. There are parks, zoos, white-water rafting, and many outdoor ecotourism expeditions available.

Getting There & Other Transportation

Gamboa is roughly a 40-minute drive from Panama City. This means that many visitors, who are staying in Panama City, venture into Gamboa for daytrips. Taxis are available to make the trip, also if you take a tour, you will ride with the tour group to Gamboa.

Hotels & Places to Stay

There are a few larger resort style hotels in Gamboa, like the Rainforest Resort, but many travelers choose to stay at accommodating bed & breakfasts. Here are some options:

Canopy Bed and Breakfast

Ivan’s Bed and Breakfast

Mateo’s Bed and Breakfast

Coral Lodge

Isla Contadora

Dining & Nightlife

Traditional Panamanian food is served at many restaurants in the Gamboa. Some local dishes include ‘hojaldras’, which is fried bread, as well as tortillas. Main courses are accompanied by a combination of rice, beans, and plantain.

At the popular Rainforest Resort, there are great restaurants to choose from. Also, Los Largartos is a popular patio style restaurant where you can feed the sunbathing turtles in the river that runs past the patio.

As far as nightlife goes, Gamboa is certainly not known to be a lively place once the sun sets. The Rainforest Resort has one club in the resort called: Discoteca Capybara. However, Panama City is a mere 40 minute taxi ride away, so if you find that you are itching for a party, there are still options.


Whether you are staying in Gamboa, or in nearby Panama City, day excursions and guided tours are the way to see Gamboa and the Canal area. Tours include transportation, tour guides, equipment and usually lunch.

Soberania National Park

This park has over 19,000 hectares of tropical rainforest and is one of the most species-rich areas in the world.  To see the park, there are trekking tours as well as sightseeing tours available.

Lago Gatun

This man-made lake (roughly 425 sq. km) provides water for the canal locks. Jungle cruises are available on the lake and even go through the locks. There is also fishing and wildlife sightseeing tours.

Embera Indian Villages

The Embera Indians are native to this area of Panama and many of the groups have resettled on the Chagres River.

Currency, Culture and Language

The official language in Panama is Spanish.

The official currency in Panama is the Panamanian balboa (PAB).