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Quick Facts

Located off the southeast coast of the United States, Bermuda is a British overseas territory. The island is cast off on its own from the shores of the US, and its pink sand beaches and blue waters of the Gulf Stream make it unique destination. It was discovered in 1505 by the Spanish and has many historical sites that take you back in time. Unlike many of the Caribbean islands farther south, there is a noticeable difference in weather between seasons in Bermuda. March through November is the best time to visit the island. These months happen to be other popular islands’ off-seasons.

Getting There & Other Transportation

The L.F. Wade International Airport, formally known as the Bermuda international Airport, is located 11 km northeast of Bermuda’s capital, Hamilton. Upon your flight’s arrival at the airport, there are many taxis waiting at the arrivals gate. Taxis in Bermuda are very expensive.  Keep your trips in a cab to a minimum. Remember that fares increase slightly after midnight until 6am as well as on Sundays and holidays. Always make sure your driver uses the meter.

If you are traveling in a party of 4, it is cheaper to call a minivan to take you from the airport (rather than taking 2 taxis). Bermuda is not one island, but a string of islands that are linked by causeways and bridges. You can drive from island to island or by boat.

Arriving by way of cruise ship for day excursions on the island is also a popular mode of transportation to Bermuda.  This way, you are presented a list of options when you arrive at port and everything is done for you (as far as arrangements go).

Hotels & Places to Stay

Bermuda has a wide scale of accommodations which suit any budget. There are luxury resorts, family friendly resorts, smaller hotels, guesthouses, and cottage colonies. Hotel costs depend of what time of the year you are travelling. Off-season discounts can be as much as 60% off.

Luxury Resorts:

Grotto Bay Beach Resort

Cambridge Beaches Resort

The Fairmont Southampton Hotel

The Fairmont Hamilton Princ

Family Friendly Resorts:

Elbow Beach Hotel


Royal Palms Hotel

The Fairmont Southampton

Grotto Bay Beach Resort

Smaller Hotels:

Coco Reef Resort

Fourways Inn

Grape Bay Beach Hotel


Bay City Guest House

Clairfont Apartments

Dawkins Manor

Edgehill Manor Guest House

Erith Guest House

Greene’s Guest House

Cottage Colonies:

9 Beaches

Cambridge Beaches

Clear View Suites & Villas

Granaway Guest House & Cottages

Grape Bay Cottages

Pink Beach Club & Cottages

Dining & Nightlife

Bermuda is more formal that most resort destinations. This means that if you are dining at a more upscale restaurant, men should pack a jacket and tie. Dining out can be an expensive option in Bermuda. You can spend from $50 – $80 per person for a meal (and wine).

Many resorts serve continental/international foods, so for a taste of Bermuda seafood dishes, explore local cuisine options:


Barracuda Grill (Hamilton)

Lobster Pot & Boat House Bar (Hamilton)


Beethoven’s (Sandys Parish)

Bonefish Bar & Grill (Sandys Parish)

Fresco’s Restaurant & Wine Bar (Hamilton)

Harley’s (Hamilton)

The Lido (Paget Parish)

The Point Restaurant (Hamilton)


White Horse Tavern (St. George’s Parish)

The Swizzle South Shore (Warwick Parish)

The Spot Restaurant (Hamilton)

Landfall (Hamilton)

Hog Penny (Hamilton)

Black Horse Tavern (St. George’s Parish)


Ascots (Hamilton)

Bacci (Southampton Parish)

La Trattoria (Hamilton)

Pasta Basta (Hamilton)

Portofino (Hamilton)

Primavera (Hamilton)

As far as nightlife goes, there are no casinos in Bermuda. However, bars and pubs featuring steel drum bands and after-dark action is one of the compelling reasons to vacation in Bermuda. St. George’s Parish is a great area for pubs. They are often jammed with locals and visitors. You are guaranteed to have a fun night on the town in Bermuda. Here are some hot spots:

Bars & Pubs:

Black Horse Tavern

White Horse Tavern

Café Cairo



North Rock Brewing Company

The Frog & Onion Pub

The Pickled Onion

The Robin Hood


Coconut Rock

Henry VIII



The Spinning Wheel

The Verandah and the Reef Bar at Elbow Beach


There is much to see from island to island whether you are traveling by bike, ferry, bus or taxi. A first time visitor must see and experience the Aquarium, Devil’s Hole, and cruise-boat outings.

Some main highlights include:

St. George Town Walking Tour

City of Hamilton Walking Tour

The Bermuda Maritime Museum (in the 19th century fortress)

Guided Tour of Crystal Caves

Fort Hamilton

The Botanical Gardens

The pink sand beaches of Horseshoe Bay Beach

Top beach activities at Elbow Beach

Currency, Culture and Language

The official language in Bermuda is English.

The official currency in Bermuda is the Bermudan dollar. It is pegged at 1- to- 1 with the US dollar. Both the Bermudan dollar and the US dollar are acceptable in Bermuda.