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Quick Facts

Known for its spice plantations of nutmeg, vanilla, mace and cinnamon, this island country is a Commonwealth Realm consisting of the island of Grenada and 2 smaller islands. Grenada is located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. It is northwest of Trinidad and Tobago and northeast of Venezuela. Its main draws are its waterfalls, rain forests, and white-sand beaches. The capital city, St. George, is an 18th century colonial (horseshoe shaped) harbor town. The city spills down a hillside to the water and has terracotta-colored roofs which strikingly contrast the beautiful blue waters.

Getting There & Other Transportation

Your flight will take you to the southwest part of Grenada to Point Salines International Airport. The airport is a mere 5-15 minute taxi ride to most major hotels. Taxis are readily available around Grenada. Prices are government regulated and are reasonably priced.

Car rentals are also a good way to see the island. Remember to stay on the left hand side! Before renting a car, you must obtain a local permit for a small fee. When driving in Grenada, beware of locals who sometimes drive like no one else is on the road. Stay aware.

Hotels & Places to Stay

Grenada is a place that definitely has something for everyone. They have the big luxury resorts, smaller hotels, or apartments with kitchenettes. Here are great examples of each:

Luxury Resorts:

Allamanda Beach Resort


Grenada Grand Beach Resort

Paradise Bay Villa Resort

Apartment Style Accomodation:

Bel Air Plantation

Maca Bana Villas

Blue Horizons Garden Resort

Gem Holiday Resort

Smaller Hotels:


Spice Island Inn

Dining & Nightlife

The national dish is called the ‘oil down’. It consists of meat and vegetable simmered in coconut milk. Some other island favorites are roti (stuffed pancakes) and stuffed crabs. In St.George, as well as at the beaches, the cuisine here is mainly based around fresh seafood. If you are willing to get creative with excellent dining choices, here are some great seafood restaurants:

Aquarium Beach Club & Restaurant (Magazine Beach)

Coconut Beach Restaurant (Grand Anse Beach)

La Belle Creole (Grand Anse Beach)

The Nutmeg (St. George)

As far as nightlife goes, there are always live shows (reggae, steel bands and/or folk dancing) at resort hotels. If you feel up to venturing out for a night on the town, try these hot spots:

Club Banana (St. George)

Fantazia (Morne Rouge Beach)

Beachside Terrace (Grand Anse)

The Owl Sports Pub (Grand Anse)



The main beaches of Grenada are:

Grand Anse Beach
A 2-mile stretch where many of the resorts lie and where waters sports take place

Magazine Beach
This beach is a great place for snorkeling and kayaking. It is located on Grenada’s Southwestern coast.

Morne Rouge Beach
Like Grand Anse, this beach is located in the heart of the hotel district and is in the south of Grenada. It is much quieter, has calm waves and lush green trees.

La Sagesse Beach
This gem is off the beaten path and is a lovely spot for romantics or those who want to have a beach pretty well to themselves.

Attractions for Nature Lovers:

Volcanic Lakes
Grand Etang Lake and Lake Antoine are two volcanic crater lakes waiting to be explored.

Annadale waterfalls and Concord waterfall are two of the most popular waterfalls to check out on Grenada. Here, you can swim at the base of the falls and watch dare-devil divers do their thing.


Although this activity can get expensive, there are lots of opportunities for sailing in Grenada.

Carnival Festival:

In August, the largest carnival on the island takes place. When Carnival hits, the island become charged with anticipation and the bars become bustling. Soca and calypso music is blared on the radio as several weeks of endless partying ensue.


Grenada has a rich history beginning with French occupation. The British took over in the 18th century, and then fought for (and gained) their independence in the 20th century. Some historic tourist attractions around Grenada are:

Fort George
This must visit attraction overlooks St. George and its horseshoe harbor. It offers magnificent views and a reminder of colonial times.

Fort Frederick
This fort exemplifies the early power struggle between the French and British. Like Fort George, it offers magnificent views of the capital city.

Currency, Culture and Language

The official language in Grenada is English. However, Grenadian Creole is considered the lingua franca of the island.

The official currency in Grenada is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD).