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Best Places to Travel for NHL Playoffs 2014

by dave on 18-04-2014
montreal, canadiens

It’s playoff time, Canada’s favourite time of the year. Beard growing season has officially started across the nation as passionate fans flock to the TV sets in hopes of witnessing a magical Stanley Cup run. Unfortunately, the only Canadian team to make the playoffs this year is Montreal so some Canadians may be turning their attention south of the border for a team to cheer for. For those looking to see some live playoff action, here are a few hockey hot spots that are sure to host the best playoff atmosphere this season.   (more…)

Bucket List: Climbing Mount Everest

by dave on 14-04-2014
dolomites, italy

Continuing with the ‘Bucket List’ series, Mount Everest is the cure for the dreamers who wish to be at the top of the world. April is the time of year when trekkers normally begin their 1-2 month journey attempting to reach the summit of Mount Everest while making it out alive and in one piece. The myriad of perils faced by those who attempt to climb the world’s tallest mountain does not seem to deter the ever-increasing number of climbers flocking to Everest each year. (more…)

Best Way to Celebrate a University Diploma

by dave on 10-04-2014
Packages to Havana

After four long years of mid-terms, finals, endless amounts of papers, deadlines, and lectures, a university degree is a well-earned achievement. What is the best way to celebrate one of the most monumental occasions of life? How about an all-inclusive vacation with a group of classmates? After all, between all those exams and lectures you were really fine tuning some other skills involving libations at the local pub. Why not put those skills to use before starting a full time job? Here’s a look at a few great destinations to enough some sun and blow off some steam from a well earned undergraduate degree. (more…)

Bucket List: Climbing Kilimanjaro

by dave on 07-04-2014
dolomites, italy

Reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro has been an enticing challenge since its introduction to the world of mountaineering in the late 1800’s. After its first successful climb in 1889 by a team of German and Austrian climbers, the once daunting task of conquering Kilimanjaro was opened up to other daring adventurists. Even though modern trekking routes have made the task of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro more attainable by the untrained hiker, the mountain still provides an experience unparalleled to anything on the rest of the continent of Africa.   (more…)

Getting Back into the Groove 2014

by dave on 02-04-2014

Spring training for the Toronto Blue Jays is over and the regular season has officially begun. The ‘boys of summer’ have been training for months to prepare for the long, arduous baseball year. Have you begun training for the upcoming summer beach season? (more…)

Spring Workout Series – March 31

by dave on 31-03-2014
beach, shadows

Blue Jays baseball is officially starting today which means spring has start, sort of. Although there is still snow and cold weather in most of Canada it doesn’t mean that spring isn’t right around the corner. That being said, it’s a good time to start getting in shape for the summer. Tune in weekly to the Travel Fitness section of the blog for great tips on getting fit as well as some challenging workouts. (more…)

Summer Concert Festivals in Canada

by dave on 26-03-2014
stage, osheaga

Canadian summers are meant to be shared in the great outdoors with friends. What better way to bring both together than by traveling this great country to see one (or more) of the many unique music festivals that are spread across Canada. (more…)

Wines of South Tyrol, Italy

by dave on 24-03-2014
bolzano, wine

Italy is known for its many spectacular full bodied wines. When speaking of wine, one immediately relates to Tuscan wines such as Chianti or Brunello. Or perhaps wines such as Barbera, Nebbiolo or Barolo of the Northwest Piedmont region. Venture further east, north of Verona and you will find yourself in perhaps the most unique wine growing region of Italy, South Tyrol. (more…)

Get Back into the Swing of Things: Spring Workouts

by dave on 19-03-2014
running, beach

It’s still frigidly cold in most of Canada but that doesn’t mean the sun won’t be melting away all that snow very shortly. What better way to be prepared for spring than to get in the gym and get healthy now. March and April are a great time to build a solid cardio conditioning base for an intense summer training regimen. (more…)

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Around the World

by dave on 17-03-2014
guinness pints

Want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a bang but don’t know where to go? There’s no doubt that a local Irish Pub has been counting down to this day for months and will probably throw one heck of a bash.  For those people who want to venture outside their regular watering hole to crank up the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, cities like Montreal, Boston, St. John’s, and Dublin offer much more than Irish Whisky and Guinness.


Air Travel – Still Safe Despite Rare Accidents

by dave on 12-03-2014

The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 has drawn attention to the safety of air travel. Accidents involving aircraft produce international headlines that automobile, bicycle, and pedestrian fatalities rarely create. Although tragedies involving aircraft are much less common than other forms of transport, the perspective formed by the media leads to the belief that air travel is unsafe. Despite catastrophic events such as Flight MH 370 and Asiana Flight 214 in July of 2013, air travel is still the safest form of transportation. (more…)

Where are People Traveling this Month?

by dave on 10-03-2014
caribbean, beaches

With March break quickly approaching for Canadian travelers, many are wondering what their best option is for a week-long vacation. Travel tends to follow a cyclical pattern with the majority of Canadians traveling to the Caribbean in the winter months, most notably February and March. There is also a few trends regarding age demographics and the destinations each age group tends to choose. It is important to consider these facts before doing something like booking a family trip to Cancun during spring break. (more…)

This Week in the Tropics

by dave on 05-03-2014
Chichen Itza, mexico

Wondering where to take a spring break vacation? The decision can depend on many different factors. Is the resort family friendly, is it for spring break party goers, or is it located directly on the beach? It would be a shame to take a week off before considering those important factors. Above all, for people booking their trip at the last minute, weather plays an integral role when choosing a location. (more…)

Places NOT to Travel To

by dave on 03-03-2014
bangkok, temple

The 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi played an integral role in the world’s perception of Russia as a tourist destination. Known to most as a cold, unwelcoming, vast country with strange customs, these Olympic Games made great strides in demystifying Russia’s tourism potential. Shortly after the games in conjunction with political upheaval in Ukraine, the host of the 2014 Olympics has reminded the world why Russia may not be the best place to visit at the current point in time. Inspired by Russia’s deployment of troops in Crimea, let’s take a look at a few tourist destinations that should be taken off the list in 2014. (more…)

Team Canada’s Secret to Success: Coaching

by dave on 26-02-2014
mcgill, babcock, hockey

There is very little that differentiates teams when the world’s greatest hockey players gather on a global stage to compete for the most sought after prize in their sport. It can easily be argued that the Canadians did not ice the strongest squad in the Olympic tournament. The Russians boasted the most offensive firepower and the Americans had a well-rounded lineup with a lot to prove after losing in the gold medal game four years ago. Sweden and Finland are perennially strong when competing internationally. This was proven by Sweden’s gold medal performance at the Torino Olympics in 2006. So with so much parity in the Olympic hockey tournament, why did Canada fare so well in 2010 and 2014? The answer is simple, coaching. (more…)