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Osheaga Music Festival 2014 Edition

by dave on 29-07-2014
osheaga logo

This year marks the ninth edition the Osheaga music festival in Montreal. This three-day event draws approximately 120,000 spectators to Parc Jean-Drapeau on Ile St. Helene. Concertgoers from all over North America are drawn to Montreal for the festival that takes place from August 1st to 3rd this year. Promoters have booked some big acts that will play across 6 stages to follow up on an outstanding line up from last year. (more…)

More Things to Do in NYC

by dave on 18-07-2014
the charging bull

Sometimes it can seem like there are an endless amount of activities of New York City. That’s probably because it’s true. The city truly has something for everybody. Here are a few more fun things to do while visiting the Big Apple.  (more…)

NYC on a Budget

by dave on 15-07-2014
ducks at the sailboat pond in central park

Interested in traveling to New York City but worried about spending too much money? Believe it or not, its possible to have an outstanding trip without breaking the bank. Here are a few great places to visit that won’t cost a dime.  (more…)

Summer in the Big Apple

by dave on 07-07-2014
new york city

From restaurants to nightlife or from Central Park to Broadway, New York City has something to offer people from any walk of life. The quality of life stems from the multitude of activities available on any given night that satisfy any appetite. Over the next week will be exploring some exciting things to do in the Big Apple. First, a quick look at the main tourist attractions. (more…)

Hidden Gem: Wroclaw Poland

by dave on 02-07-2014
water fountains

Not many people think of Poland as a popular tourist destination. Even if they do, places like Krakow, Warsaw, and Gdansk usually come to mind before a city like Wroclaw. Don’t let that deter you from visiting one of Europe’s hidden gems.  (more…)

Canada Day 2014 Playlist Tips

by dave on 27-06-2014
canadian music

Canada Day is a time to celebrate with friends and family. Its also a time to celebrate Canadian music. No Canada Day is complete without a solid playlist that features Canada’s best artists. Here are a few guidelines to help get that playlist started. (more…)

Canada Day Weekend Events

by dave on 24-06-2014

Canada Day is a cause for celebration across the country. Cities big and small show their colours of red and white couple with the traditional maple leaf. This year Canada celebrates the 147th edition of this special day that commemorates the signing of the British North America Act in 1867. Wondering where the best places in Canada are to celebrate? Check out these great events in a city nearby. (more…)

Cottage Checklist Summer 2014

by dave on 18-06-2014
river panoramic

Its that time of the year. The days are getting longer and the sun has finally warmed the lakes to temperatures that won’t cause things to disappear from the cold. Summer is short so the best way to squeeze as much fun as possible out of the cottage is to prepare for it. Here is a list of 10 things that will make that cottage experience more enjoyable: (more…)

World Cup Venues Defined

by dave on 16-06-2014
soccer stadium

Wondering where the World Cup venues are located? The stadiums for the 2014 edition of the FIFA World Cup are located in 12 different venues across Brazil. From the Amazon rain forest to the big city of Rio de Janeiro, the backdrop of Brazil is being displayed as much as the beautiful game of soccer.  (more…)

Berlin – A City in Transition

by dave on 12-06-2014
berlin wall

Berlin is currently known as the capital of Germany but it wasn’t always that simple. For a period of 28 years spanning from August 13th, 1961 until October 18th 1989 the wall stood as a symbol separating two political ideologies. More importantly the wall physically separated East and West Germany. On August 13th, 1961 Berliners woke up to find themselves cut off from their families on either side of the wall. The fall of the wall symbolically brought an end to the communist movement separating the two sides of the city in addition to the rest of Eastern Europe. (more…)

World Cup 2014: Corruption, Strikes, and Unfinished Venues

by dave on 10-06-2014
soccer stadium

Thursday June 12th marks the opening of the 2014 World Cup of soccer in Brazil. The world will be watching as Brazil kicks off the festivities against Croatia at 4:00PM EST. A massive influx of visitors to Brazil has put the country in the spotlight. Although many efforts have been put into making this year’s event a successful one, a transport strike, corruption, and unfinished venues have left many fans unsettled. (more…)

Do Aeroplan Miles Actually Save Travelers Money?

by dave on 29-05-2014
rome, colosseum

Aeroplan is one of Canada’s most notable rewards programs. Offered through Air Canada, it boasts itself as an easy way to reach a dream vacation destination by using the Aeroplan credit card for daily purchases. The truth of the matter is that most Canadians do not spend enough annually to make these dreams a reality. The multi million dollar marketing budget of Aeroplan does a good job gaining new clients that may not necessarily benefit from this card. Is this rewards card right for you? (more…)

How to Avoid Getting Sick When Flying

by dave on 27-05-2014

When taking long flights across time zones there are many factors that can lead to getting sick. Airports are gathering areas for people from around the world which means its also a meeting point for forms of bacteria that your body may have never been exposed to. This leads to an increased susceptibility to illness. Here are a few precautions that can be taken to help limit exposure to high bacteria areas and general well being while traveling.  (more…)

More Time Relaxing, Less Time on the Road

by dave on 25-05-2014
Packages to Barbados

Summer travel can be challenging. There is always lots to think about. What to pack, tidying up lose ends at work, shutting off everything of at the house, and knowing the right roads to take. There is also an aspect of road trips that often gets overlooked and can have a lasting impact on the positive or negative mentality of travelers before they arrive at their destination. Traffic. (more…)

Long Weekend Workout

by dave on 20-05-2014
running, beach

After the first long weekend of the summer many Canadians are probably rethinking their summer workout programs. A long weekend of overindulgence can lead to some eye opening realizations. If leading a healthier life is on that list than the Travel Fitness portion of the blog is a great place to start. It has workouts for all levels. Here is a sample of what a summer workout plan should include. (more…)