An Affordable Holiday Destination for the Entire Family

Posted on: November 27th, 2013 by paul

Don’t think you have enough money to travel somewhere tropical for the holidays? Think again. A family vacation to Cuba can be a pleasantly cost effective surprise and set you back less that $500 per person. Consider it your Christmas gift to the family and you may even come out of the holidays spending less money than normal.

Packages to Cienfuegos, Cuba

Why is it so Cheap?

There are some resorts that are slashing their prices to ensure they are at full capacity. Keep in mind that these low prices may come with a catch. There may be some sacrifices made in terms of comfort to be able to enjoy the Caribbean for such a good price. For instance, the food selection and quality in Cuba tends to be of slightly lower quality than what you would find in the high end resorts in other countries. On the other hand, there is one thing that you will not have to sacrifice: fun in the sun. The same sun that is shining in Mexico shines on Cuba so who cares if the food isn’t as good.

What are the Benefits?

Cuba boasts a rich history and a unique culture. An excursion to the capital city of Havana is a worthwhile experience that will inform tourists of Cuba’s strong ties with Russia and how they nearly brought the United States to its knees during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Its important to learn about the revolution lead by Che Guevarra and Fidel Castro that shaped the country into the independent nation it is today.

The sun setting on the horizon


Need to get some Christmas gifts? Pick up some Cuban cigars. Cuba is world renown for the quality of its cigars. So although a sacrifice must be made relating to the quality of the culinary experience during the trip, this fact is easily trumped by the quality of the cigars. Be sure to buy extras for gifts.

Take the family to Cuba for the holidays for a memorable trip that won’t hurt the wallet. Check out the deals page for vacation packages to Cuba


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