Beach Body Core Workout

Posted on: August 7th, 2012 by paul

When planning for an all inclusive vacation, many people include some time to get their bodies in shape before they leave.

Do this core series at home to help you slim your waist before your vacation:

Front Plank (45 Seconds)

Balance your body equally between your forearms and your toes while keeping your back perfectly straight. Remember to take deep breaths and hold this position for 45 seconds. Be aware of your body because many people tend to raise their bums in the air or dip their backs. Avoid this and keep a straight back throughout the exercise.

Side Plank (30 Seconds each)

Similar to the Front Plank, the side plank requires you to hold your body in a straight line. The main difference is that you roll onto one half of your body and use only one arm to support you. This engages your oblique muscles. Rest on your forearm which should sit perpendicular to the rest of your body. Stack your feet on each other and pull your hips skywards (as if they are being pulled by a string). Hold this position for 30 seconds before switching sides.

Plank with Forward/Backward Lean – 20 Reps

Start in the Front Plank position and slowly rock your body back and forth. Be sure to maintain a strong core and keep your back in a straight line parallel to the ground.

Spiderman Plank – 10 Reps Each

This is the most difficult part of this core circuit which is why it is saved for the end. Start in the front plank, resting on your forearms. Bring one knee to the outside of your elbow while maintaining a straight back. Continue to alternate legs while staying in the plank position.

Complete these 5 exercises immediately after each other and take a 1-2 minute break between sets. Do three sets of this series to strengthen your core and burn some belly fat before you take that flight down south to the sunny beaches of the Caribbean.


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