Best Way to Celebrate a University Diploma

Posted on: April 10th, 2014 by paul

After four long years of mid-terms, finals, endless amounts of papers, deadlines, and lectures, a university degree is a well-earned achievement. What is the best way to celebrate one of the most monumental occasions of life? How about an all-inclusive vacation with a group of classmates? After all, between all those exams and lectures you were really fine tuning some other skills involving libations at the local pub. Why not put those skills to use before starting a full time job? Here’s a look at a few great destinations to enough some sun and blow off some steam from a well earned undergraduate degree.

Packages to Havana


This is the number one choice for low-cost vacations. Those students finishing up a finance degree might even say they are getting the highest return on their equity for a trip to Cuba. Or they might say the marginal rate of return for spending the extra funds to go to the Bahamas or Jamaica is not sufficient for the additional cost. If that didn’t make any sense, it basically means that although the food is not the greatest in Cuba, the drinks are the same and so is the sun. The beaches are nice and they have be best cigars in the world. So sit back with a big Cuban cigar, learn a bit about Fidel Castro’s regime and enjoy some time with no worries.

Packages to Cienfuegos, Cuba


This is the number one destination for spring break. Specifically, Cancun, if for some reason you didn’t make it down to Cancun during the past four spring breaks this may be the last chance. Be sure to check out the massive night clubs and have a Cerveza or two. In the past few years there has been a lot of crime related to the drug trade in Mexico. Although the danger doesn’t usually spread to the resorts it is important to be cognizant of the possible dangers of traveling outside the main tourist areas.

Packages to Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata and Punta Cana are the two most popular choices for students. Again, these are the two best priced choices that give the best bang for the buck. Resorts like the RIU have multiple hotels coupled together and allow clients to use the facilities of each resort. One example has a 4 star connected to two 5 star resorts enabling travelers to use the facilities of 5 star resorts while only paying for the 4 star accommodations.

Needless to say, four years of studying deserves some time to blow off some steam before getting to work. A trip to the Caribbean with some friends is a good way to put a cap on a memorable era of life and begin a transition to the next stage.

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