Christmas is Coming

Posted on: December 5th, 2014 by paul

With Christmas right around the corner many people have already started buying gifts for their friends and family. With that in mind, is there any better gift than enjoyable experiences with family? There is no better way to escape the cold of Canadian winters while combining quality time with family than an all inclusive vacation package to the Caribbean. 

Cheap Vacations to Cabarete, Dominican Republic

What are some things that you can do in the Caribbean that can’t be done in Canada over the holidays?

Swim in the Ocean

Although Canada is surrounded by the ocean, it’s not advisable to swim on any of Canada’s coastlines in December. Although there may be a few ‘Polar bear Swims’ taking place across the country, a dip in the warm waters off the coast in the Caribbean sounds much more tempting than the bitter cold depths of Canada’s northern waters.

Dance on the Beach

With sea breeze amplifying the sounds of island musical tones, a tropical beach is the best way to experience the rhythm of the Caribbean. Loosen up the hips with some tropical beverages and the music will naturally flow throughout the body.

Sit at a Swim-Up Bar

A great way to stay refreshed and hydrated, swim up bars are a staple of the all inclusive culture. No trip to a tropical resort should exist without a few laughs shared with some friends (new or old) at a swim up bar. Who knows where the conversation will lead. Perhaps some sort of impromptu water sporting event or beach zumba class.

Hang Out in a Bathing Suit

Despite the ample opportunity to visit beaches in Canada in December. It is not recommended that anyone should be wearing a bathing suit at this time of year. Even if your body looks like a milk bag, after a few days in the southern sun you will come back to life and have some colour to take back home.


There’s not much of a contest when comparing the allure of the beaches of the Caribbean to the bitterly cold Canadian winter. Despite this article being biased toward an all inclusive vacation package, just ask yourself, ‘Why WOULDN’T I be hanging out on a warm beach right now?’.

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