Holiday Travel Tips

Posted on: December 23rd, 2011 by paul

The holidays are a time for fun, family, friends, and of course, travel. To ensure you are prepared for the inevitable travel delays, take note of the following reminders on safe holiday travel:

Expect Delays

Whether you are traveling by air, car, or public transit, expect your journey to take longer than expected. Due to the influx of travelers at this time of year, there is always extra traffic on highways and at airports.


Be Respectful

The holidays are filled with emotions. Don’t let the stress of buying last minute gifts affect the way you treat those around you. Take the high road and let that car into your lane, or that person cut it line. It’s the holidays, it’s not worth the extra aggravation.


Pack Light

More travelers means more lost bags. Try to fit all your necessities into your carry-on to avoid the embarrassment of not having your favourite reindeer sweater.


Check the Weather

Weather delays are common at this time of year. Be sure to book your flight with enough leeway to allow for some unexpected snow flurries at a connecting airport.


Bring Extra Gifts

There is always an unexpected guest at dinner. Be prepared for this by purchasing a few additional gifts for that distant relative you never remember about. Chocolates are a great gift that everyone loves.


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