Last Minute Deals: September 2013

Posted on: September 16th, 2013 by paul

Its the beginning of another work week which means its time to start searching for more vacation deals. Where do you want to go this fall? There are some great deals down south for all inclusive vacation packages but don’t forget to try out our search box for packaged trips to Europe and cruises. 

Los Cabos

Featured Deal:

This week’s featured deal is from Vancouver to Los Cabos. Mexico, departing on October 28th for as low as $770 including taxes. The Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos is a four star resort that is located next to a bird sanctuary, nature reserve, and lagoon. If you enjoy nature and all the activities it has to offer, this resort is a perfect location for you and your family.

Toronto to Varadero                              $545

Sept 23 – 30  ♦ Playa de Oro ♦ 4 Stars

Toronto to Las Vegas                            $581

Oct 15 – 18 ♦ The Quad  ♦ 3 Stars

Montreal to Las Vegas                           $731

Oct 15 – 18♦ Excalibur ♦ 3.5 Stars

Vancouver to Las Vegas                        $518

Oct 16 – 19 ♦ The Palms ♦ 4 Stars

Toronto to Puerto Plata                        $675

Sept 24 – Oct 1 ♦ Viva Wyndham Tangerine♦ 4 Stars

Toronto to Antigua                                 $1598

Sept 28 – Oct 5 ♦ Jolly Beach Resort ♦ 3 Stars

Calgary to Cayo Coco                            $838

Oct 30 – Nov 6 ♦ Hotel Playa Coco ♦ 4 Stars


* All prices are subject to change. Prices INCLUDE taxes.


Remember to check back weekly to get more deals on vacations packages!

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