LMV Workout Series: Quick Circuit

Posted on: May 16th, 2013 by paul

Today’s workout may appear slightly easier than normal but it will be up to you to bring the intensity required to get the results you want.  As usual, it will consist of a warm up, activation of key muscle groups, injury prevention, core, then the main portion of the workout (which is a strength circuit today). 


Quick Strength Circuit

General Warmup:

Light Jog, Bike, Skip, or Row

Big Warmup – 3 Sets:

Jog 1 lap (or 60 skips with jump rope)

20 tricep pushups

20 quick change lunges

20 situps

20 body squats

5 pullups

Dynamic Core Circuit – 2 Sets:

A1 – Alternating leg raise planks (in the plank position, alternate raising one leg, then the next, while maintaining a flat back and keeping your hips square to the ground) x 10 reps each

A2 – Side Plank + Rotate (starting in the regular plank position, rotate over into side plank, return to regular forearm plank then rotate to the other side plank) x 10 reps each

A3 – Spiderman Planks (Starting in forearm plank, bring you knee to your elbow while maintaining form) x 10 reps


Hip Hurdle Step Overs-  2 Sets of 10 each side – (Laterally step over a hurdle or barbell)

Glute-Ham Raises 2 Sets of 10 reps – (While on your back, push your heels into the ground and raise your hips as high as possible)

Hamstring Walk 2 Sets of 10 each – (Laying on your back, raise into a back bridge. From this position, alternate raising one leg at a time, keeping your thighs parallel to each other and your hips raised)

Strength Circuit:

Complete the each set as fast as possible then take a quick break before moving on to the next set of 5.

5 Sets:

12 Burpees

10 V-Ups

10 Clap Pushups

10 Alternating Lunge Jumps

400m run

Cooldown Stretch

For today’s stretch, take extra time to stretch out your core and chest. For your core, incorporate twists and the downward/upward dog. For your chest, put one arm on a wall to stretch one side out at a time.



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