LMV Workout Series: Week 1 – Metabolic Medicine Ball

Posted on: April 25th, 2013 by paul

For the first workout of the LMV (Last Minute Vacations) workout series, we will be training your energy systems and improving your cardio. As a general rule, its important to start every workout with a warm-up and finish with a cool down and stretch. Remember to drink lots of water and get some protein into your system within 40 minutes of completing your training session.

This workout can be completed at a track, park, or open field. The only equipment you will need is a medicine ball. If this is your first time attempting this type of workout, start by using a soccer ball for the metabolic conditioning portion before moving to a medicine ball. This session can be considered moderate/difficult so be prepared for a challenge.

The way the workouts in this series are broken down is that they always comprise of a ‘general warm-up’ to start getting your heart rate up and your blood flowing. This is followed by a ‘dynamic warm-up’ to specifically target the muscles you will be training. After this, there is usually some sort of injury prevention portion that activates muscles in the shoulder, glutes, hips, or other areas that are often neglected with regular training. Next there is a section that targets increasing core strength and/or a general strength circuit. The workouts will end with some sort of ESD (Energy System Development) followed by a cool down.

For the Metabolic Conditioning portion of this workout, the goal is to complete as many repetitions as possible within the 20 second work period then take 40 seconds to recover before starting again. Squat down and complete a chestpass/throw as far as possible and try to catch the ball on the first bounce. Next, turn 180 degrees and do the same thing until the time is up.

If you don’t understand an exercise, feel free to email me at dave@lastminutevacations.ca and I can help you through it. Also, you can be creative and add your own exercises as long as they fit in the right category.

General Warmup:

Light jog

Dynamic Warmup:

Knee Hugs                          High Knees                         Butt Kicks                            Side Skips w/arms

Cross-Under Lunge         High Skips                            Long Skips                           Accelerations

Lateral Shuffle                   Leg Swings                          Lunges For/Back               Soccer Shuffle

Lateral Walks (w/ band)                                                                Crossover explosive lateral starts

Shoulder Activation With Medicine ball (2 sets of 10 each):

  1. Steering Wheel                 2.  Chops                                     3. Figure 8

Core – Med Ball Slams:

3 Sets of 10 each side, each exercise

1. Front Slam                      2. Side Slams (alternate sides with ball passing overhead

Core – Dynamic Plank series:

  1. Front (rock for/back x20)              2.  Side Dips x 10 ea                         3. Forearm Spidermans x 10 ea

Lateral Movement (3 sets):

  1. Lateral Bound and stick                x 5 ea
  2. Alternating Cross-under step x 5 ea
  3. 3-touch line jumps x 10 ea

Metabolic Conditioning:

Work: Rest          20 seconds: 40 seconds                     15 reps -> 15 minutes total

– Med ball squat and explosive throw -> run and catch on first bounce


Light jog, stretch


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the workouts or names of the exercises. When describing these exercises online it is always difficult because there is not usually a universal understanding of the names.

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