LMV Workouts Week 2: Interval Run

Posted on: April 30th, 2013 by paul

This week we are starting to work on interval training. This type of workout is more effective than simply jogging long distances because you are forced to push your heart rate to a higher level. Even with the rest periods, the overall effect is increasing your cardiovascular limits.

This workout consists of a general warmup just to start getting your body ready for exercise and a dynamic warmup that targets specific muscles that will be used in today’s training session. The strength circuit uses the format of “A1, A2, A3, A4” which means those exercises should be completed as a super set with no rest in between each but taking rest after the set of 4 is completed.

The interval run is the meat and potatoes of the workout. This is the most challenging part of the training session but also the part that you will get the most results from. Push yourself to complete it within the allotted time period and you will see that your heart rate will be at a higher level than it normally is during a long jog. Be sure to do a light jog and stretch when you are finished to make sure you don’t have sore muscles the next day.

50 Meter Interval Run Workout

General Warmup:

1-2 Laps of Track

Dynamic Warmup:

Knee Hugs                          High Knees                         Butt Kicks                            Side Skips w/arms

Cross-Under Lunge         High Skips                            Long Skips                           Accelerations

Lateral Shuffle                   Leg Swings                          Lunges For/Back               Soccer Shuffle


3 Sets of 8-10 Reps

A1 – Med Ball Granny Toss

A2 – Clap Pushups

A3 –  V Sits

A4 – Spiderman Pushups (as you lower into a pushup, bring your knee to your elbow and switch sides every rep)

Interval Run:

10 minutes

– 20 Reps of 50 meters

– Start sprint every 30 seconds and jog back to starting line

– Aim for 50m in less than 10 seconds (Your Work:Rest will be 10:20)

Stationary Core Circuit:

Forearm Plank 1 min

Side Plank 30 Secs each side

Superman Plank 30 secs each (Opposite arm/opposite leg in the air)

Cooldown Stretch


Stick to these workouts and you will be in shape for that next vacation in no time!

As always, if you have any questions please email me at dave@lastminutevacations.ca



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