Nurtured by Nature

Posted on: December 5th, 2012 by paul

Everyone dreams of a fairytale vacation where they feel like Queen of the castle. This hotel has fairytale written all over it, but you won’t find yourself in a large stone castle. The Magic Mountain Hotel in Panguipulli, Chilie is just what it name suggests, a mountain. Not just any mountain, there’s a waterfall that shoots out of the top of the resort, cascading down the sides on the rocky structure. This hotel was once used as a hunting lodge and has since been upgraded to include hotel amenities.

Located away from civilization this hotel really allows you relax and become one with nature. This charming hotel has an earthy feel to its rooms that are lined with large planks of rustic wood and ceilings decorated with tree limbs. Enjoy traditional Chilean meals around the Forest Table.

The hotel is located in the heart of the Huilo Huilo Nature Reserve. Explore the surrounding park discovering all the animals and plants that the rooms are named after. Enjoy the mini putt course that meanders through the forest featuring 100 year old trees and one part of the golf course is 40 feet above the forest floor! Relax with nature in a hot tub made out of tree trunks that have been dug out and survey the forest. Adventure with a white water rafting trip or meditate with some fly fishing in the Fuy and Enco Rivers. Don’t miss a visit to Pirihueico Lake and definitely see the famous Huilo Huilo waterfall.

The reserve is also home to the Choshuenco volcano and offers year round skiing and snowboarding! For those who like to ski off the beaten trail this is the perfect location. There is no ski center, lifts or tracked runs so it’s advisable only for those with some experience and skill. Transportation to the virgin slopes can be arranged through the hotel.

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