Relaxation Secrets

Posted on: August 13th, 2012 by paul

We all know that the daily grind of life can be extremely tough and everyone deserves a break. So you have finally saved up all your vacation days and decided to head down south for some rest and relaxation but you can’t remember how to get your mind off work. Here are some tips on how to leave the stress behind:

Tip 1 – Park Your Stress at the Airport

The worst thing you can do is bring your work with you on a vacation. To totally have your mind in a relaxed state, you must leave all your mental baggage behind. Try the following mental exercise at the airport when you are departing for your trip. As you are taking your baggage out of the car, picture yourself replacing those bags with anything that have been giving you mental strain (work, kids, money, etc). Next, as you walk from your car to the airport, allow your mind to find any other stress or worries that may bother you. Take note of the thoughts, then mentally park them outside the airport doors before entering. You can repeat this again before going through security and once more before getting on the plane. Use each section as a mental cue to leave any stress behind. By the time you get on the plane there should be nothing left but a clear mind that’s ready to hit the beach.

Tip 2 – Beach Meditation

The best time to practice meditation on the beach is early in the morning before the heat and sunbathers hit the sea-side. Roll out a towel onto the side and sit in a relaxed, cross-legged posture. Rest your hands on your knees and connect your thumbs to your middle fingers. Begin to slowly inhale, and exhale, picturing the air as it passes into your body through your nose and fills up your abdomen. Continue to breathe allowing your thoughts to flow like water through a faucet. Allow any thoughts that linger to slowly drift away with each exhalation. Continue to let the thoughts flow with the goal of clearing your mind completely. Start by meditating for 5 minutes and try to extend this time after some practice.

Try this tips to ensure you keep your mind off work during your next vacation.

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