The Best In Beer

Posted on: February 6th, 2013 by paul

There’s nothing like a cold beer after long days work but beer used to be a drink enjoyed at all times of the day. A popular drink in Germany, beer was considered as essential as bread and was the first food to ever have regulations guiding how it was to be prepared. Regulation was that the only ingredients allowed in beer were barley, hops and water. The Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany was originally built to quench the thirst of the royal family in 1589 and it wasn’t until 1828 that commoners were allowed in to enjoy this tasty brew

Photo courtesy of Amy Dianna

In 1602, when the brewery started producing a lighter wheat beer as opposed to the strong brown beer it was known for sales skyrocketed and the brewery was unable to keep up with the large volume of demand. This resulted in a new location that was dedicated to the production the new favourite beer in Munich. This “white” Hofbrauhaus was located in the Platzl Square, where it still stands today.

The Hofbrauhaus has over 400 years of experience in making beer but they’re also known for their tasty Bavarian dishes, including a number of sausages made on site. Dinner is served in the historic beer hall on the first floor where beer was once brewed; this hall can hold up to 1,300 people! In true German spirit there’s a live band every day as well as traditional dances for the entertainment of their guests.

Some of the tables here have been around since 1897 and part of the fun is making out the initials, names and comments carved into the tables and guessing who sat there before you. Feel free to bring your own stein as the Hofbrauhaus is the only place in the world with beer stein safes. In 1970, the owner installed a steel rack with lockers for up to 424 stoneware and glass mugs.

Photo courtesy of Amy Dianna

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