Things To Know About Travel Insurance

Posted on: October 17th, 2012 by paul

When on vacation the last thing you want to deal with is an emergency, but it does happen and it’s best to make sure your protected before you travel. Travel insurance policies can be difficult to understand with pages upon pages of ifs and buts that can make your head spin. Here’s a simple breakdown of the most typical questions about travel insurance.

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Where do I purchase travel insurance?

You may already have some travel coverage without even knowing it, check with your bank and your employer as most banks offer their clients some form of travel insurance and your employer may have a plan if travel is a big part of their business. Even if it doesn’t cover you for everything you want, this way you won’t be purchasing duplicate insurance which will save you money. offers travelers affordable insurance through the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), but many other banks offer insurance as well. Some travel operators also offer travel insurance; Sunwing Vacations has an excellent worry-free insurance plan that is sometimes cheaper than those offered by banks.

Who is eligible?

In order to receive RBC travel insurance you must be a Canadian resident and purchase insurance through a Canadian representative approved by RBC for the full duration of your trip.  Depending on your age you may be required to fill out a Medical Questionnaire.

What am I covered for?

Cancellation & Interruption: This plan covers you for trip cancellation up to 24hrs before your flight as well as trip interruption with up to 100% of your vacation cost refundable.

Classic Medical: This option covers unlimited emergency medical and benefits provided that you have valid OHIP coverage. Included in this is a $500 hospital allowance, $300 for emergency services (chiropractor, physiotherapist, etc.), a one-way economy return trip for one travel companion and your children as well as the safe return of your vehicle, excess baggage (up to $500) and even your dog or cat (up to $500).

Non-Medical: This plan covers Cancellation & Interruption as well as covering lost or damaged baggage ($1,000), delay of baggage ($400), flight accident insurance (up to $100,000) and travel accident insurance (up to $50,000).

Deluxe Package: This package is the best option for those without any existing coverage. It covers Cancellation & Interruption, unlimited emergency medical (with valid OHIP), baggage loss or damage ($1,000), baggage delay ($400), flight accident insurance (up to $100,000) and travel accident insurance (up to $50,000).

What medical isn’t cover?

Treatment for any pre-existing medical conditions, including heart conditions is not covered by travel insurance. If you provided false information on a medical questionnaire your policy will be voided. Also not included in the insurance policy is self-inflicted injury or suicide, criminal acts, medical conditions arising from alcohol or drug use, mental or emotional disorders, participation as a professional athlete, participation in rock or mountain climbing, participation in motorized racing, pre-natal care or war acts.

What do I do in a medical emergency?

Before you seek medical treatment you must call the Assured Assistance Inc. as they will refer you to an accredited medical service provider within their network (This way they will bill the insurance company directly). If you seek medical assistance outside of the insurance provider’s network you will be responsible for 30% of the costs. However, if you are unable to contact them because of your condition you must call as soon as you are able, or calls can be made on your behalf by a family member, friend, the hospital or doctors office and they will see that you are transferred when medically possible. Any surgeries or heart procedures required must be approved in beforehand by the Assured Assistance Inc. medical advisers.

What if I need to extend my insurance?

You must contact your travel agent BEFORE your return date and request an extension. If you have had a medical situation during your trip you must contact the Assured Assistance Inc. Your insurance will automatically extend if there are delays with the airline (72 hour extension), if you or your companion are hospitalized on your return date (extended to 5 days after discharge, max. 365 days) or if you or your companion are medically unfit to travel (up to 5 day extension).

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