Tips for Traveling with Pets

Posted on: March 27th, 2012 by paul

When headed out for a vacation, there is always one member of the family that gets left out. Your pet has to stay at home, stay with a friend, or even stay at the dreaded kennel when the rest of the family is enjoying a vacation. This tends to cause a lot of stress for the owner as well as the pet. Is it possible to travel and bring your pet along for the ride? This depends on a few things. Review the following tips and decide for yourself if bringing your pet on your next vacation is worth it.

Do Your Research

Vacationing with your pets can be extremely rewarding if you take the time to do some research in advance. Upon making a reservation, be sure to check into the following:

  • Does the hotel accept pets?
  • Are there any pet fees or deposits?
  • Are there any areas that you can go to walk your pet?

Flying with Your Pet

Long international flights can be as hard on your pet as they are on you. If you have long layovers, think about sending your pet directly and picking it up at your destination. Make sure your pet’s carrier is comfortable and has toys to occupy them. Before booking your pet’s spot on the plane, call the airlines and get specific information about requirements and charges. Not all airlines charge the same amount for the same size pet and costs can vary. It is also necessary that you bring all important paper work with you on your flights for proof of proper certifications. Make sure your vet’s full name and number are on each document and that they also add your pet’s microchip type and number.


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