Top Cities to See in Autumn

Posted on: October 11th, 2012 by paul

Autumn is a magical time to travel with leaves changing into fiery reds, burnt oranges and golden yellows there are many vacation destinations that offer scenic wonders. Beautiful foliage isn’t all fall is good for, it’s also the start of the off season for many destinations resulting in low pricing for flights and hotels. Take part in the local festivals, harvests and foods and find out what makes these destinations our fall favourites.

Barcelona, Spain
Autumn leaves look breath taking against the city as the streets come alive holding many events and celebrations. The Festa Major de la Ribera flows onto the streets and fills squares with an abundance of activities during early September. The Barcelona International Jazz Festival occurs during the month of November with concerts taking place throughout the city featuring music from all genres off jazz.

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Put on your hat and mitts and explore this subarctic wonderland known as the “Polar bear capital of the World”. During November polar bears begin migration, waiting for the Hudson Bay waters to freeze so they can hunt. Tourists can safely view polar bears from special buses. This really is a once in a life time experience, it’s not every day one can come so close to these magnificent creatures.

Gothenburg, Sweden
This is the perfect destination for seafood lovers, as Gothenburg and Western Sweden is known for its seafood safaris that take place from September to November. The lobster safari is the most popular of these excursions and allows visitors to voyage out with a skipper and bring in their own lobsters, as well as learning how to prepare and cook lobster so you can sample your catch!

Lisdoonvarna, Ireland
This is a destination for all those singles out there! The world famous Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival has been helping singles find each other for over a hundred years. This festival goes on for the whole month and attracts over 20,000 people who come for love, dancing, music and a good time.

Munich, Germany
Autumn is that time in Germany where festivals are abundant. Oktoberfest is Germany’s largest and well known festival that celebrates a royal marriage with local beer and festivities. Germany hosts many other festivities such as the Herbstfest (Autumn Harvest Festival) which is similar to Oktoberfest, but is generally much cheaper and attracts more locals than tourists making it a great way to immerse yourself in German culture.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Every year Phnom Penh hosts the Water Festival, a new year’s celebration that takes place in the Southeast Asian countries. This festival lasts for three days and entertains spectators with boat races during the day and illuminated boats by night. This festival also includes various ceremonies that allow you to experience Cambodian culture, such as Sampeas Preah Khe (Moon Salutation) and Ork Ambok (Eating of new rice).

Richerenches, France
This charming stone village has been carefully restored and shelters one of the oldest garrisons of the Templiers de Provence. This spot is known for its quality truffles that can be found starting in November. Every Saturday from November to April Richerenches hosts the largest truffle market in Europe.

Rhodes, Greece
It doesn’t matter which Greek Island you choose, they still all boast temperatures mid to high 20s during autumn months. During the fall season there are not many tourists in the area making it easy to catch some rays on the beach. If you visit in September you can visit Petaloudes (Butterfly Valley) or head down to Kalithea to rest in its famous medicinal hot springs.

Tuscany, Italy
Autumn harvests make Tuscany, Italy a wine lovers dream. With grape harvests in September, enjoy world famous wines and take a winery tour. If you miss the grape harvest there’s plenty more going on, including the olive harvest in November. This harvest includes many festivities such as All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. There’s also mushroom and truffle hunting as well as chestnuts that make this destination one of the yummiest on our list.

White Mountains, New Hampshire, United States
This location is home to many natural wonders that come alive with the colours of the fall season. Walk through Flume Gorge, a natural chasm where you will find amazing waterfalls and incredible views. Explore the Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves with  gigantic boulders and glacial caves that were formed in the Ice Age. Or you can view it from above with the Aerial Tranway that takes you up 4,100 feet for outstanding views of the White Mountains and the surrounding area.

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