Travel Deals for the First Week of Movember

Posted on: November 4th, 2013 by paul

Happy Movember!

That caterpillar on your lip (or the lip of your significant other) has probably already started to get fuzzy, it’s the perfect time to go on vacation and takes some photos that will last a lifetime. Whether you grow a moustache like Pablo Escobar or Lanny MacDonald, the Caribbean is the perfect place to showcase that new friend on your face. 


Cheap Vacations to Cozumel, Mexico


This Week’s Travel Deals:

Toronto to Las Vegas                            $477

Dec 11 – 14 ♦ The Quad  ♦ 3 Stars

Toronto to Cayo Coco                            $645

Nov 27 – Dec 4 ♦ Memories Caribe Beach Resort ♦ 4 Stars

Calgary to Varadero                              $912

Dec 2 – 9 ♦ Hotel Villa Cuba ♦ 4 Stars

Vancouver to Varadero                          $902

Nov 25 – Dec 2 ♦ Hotel Villa Cuba ♦ 4 Stars

Toronto to Varadero                              $715

Nov 25 – Dec 2 ♦ Playa De Oro ♦ 4 Stars

Vancouver to Los Cabos                       $910

Nov 27 – Dec 2 ♦ Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos ♦ 4 Stars

Toronto to Antigua                                 $1509

Dec 11-18 ♦ Verandah ♦ 4 Stars


* All prices are subject to change. Prices INCLUDE taxes.


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