Workout of the Day: Ladder Drills and Metabolic Running

Posted on: July 16th, 2013 by paul

As we get further into the summer the intensity and difficulty of our workouts will continue to increase. We may be doing the same exercises but the difficulty will increase by having less rest and/or longer duration. 

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Today’s workout is a combination of speed/agility/quickness and metabolic training. Of course, there is some core thrown in there as well. The ladder drills are an introduction to the speed/quickness portion of this training regimen. It takes time to develop these fast-twitch muscle fibers so don’t be upset if you find it difficult at first. Just like anything else, your muscles need to develop some muscles memory with this sort of exercise and over the course of time, you will become more comfortable and faster with these drills. The metabolic training portion of the training is similar to what we’ve done in the past with different rest and work periods.


Ladder Drills and Metabolic Running


Hop scotch (5 meters) – High Knees (5 meters) – Sprint (10 meters)

Walking Knee Hugs                         Walking Knee Cradles                                    Frankenstein’s

Spiderman Crawls                            Side Shuffles                                                      Carioca

High Skips                                            Long Skips                                                           Leg Swings

A Skips                                                  B Skips                                                                  Toe Touches

Walking Lunges (forward, backward, 45 degree, lateral)

Core: Medicine Ball

3 Sets of 10 reps each in continuous circuit

Overhead Slams                                               Lateral Toss

Side Slams                                                           Granny Toss

Chest Pass

Speed, Agility, Quickness

Ladder Drills – 3 times through the ladder for each exercise

  1. Lateral high knees
  2. Two foot lateral in/out
  3. Icky shuffle
  4. 5 step
  5. 4 step rotation
  6. 2 in / 2 out

Metabolic Training: Medicine Ball Throw and Run

1:2 work to rest – 30 seconds : 60 seconds, 15 reps

Squat down and explode upward throwing the medicine ball as far as possible. Try to catch the medicine ball on the first bounce, turn, then do the same thing in the opposite direction. Do this for 30 seconds then take a 60 second break. Complete 15 reps of this.

Cool Down: Light Jog


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