World’s Best Beach

Posted on: October 31st, 2012 by paul

Turks and Caicos is without a doubt one of the most beautiful areas in the south and is a prestigious vacation getaway and has the awards to prove it. This destination has won awards from Trip Advisor that include #1 Best Beach & Sun Destination in the World as well as making their top luxury hotels, top trendiest hotels and top spa resorts lists. Travel and Leisure has also recognized particular hotels, Grace Bay Club and Parrot Cay, on its world’s best list, while British Sunday Times gives it the title of “World’s Best Beach”.

Cheap Vacations to Turks and Caicos Islands

There’s plenty to see in with the area being comprised of 8 inhabited islands and over 30 others. Providenciales is the most traveled and has been built up as a tourism center for the islands and has wonderful aspects of Caribbean history with architecture that will transport you back in time. This area is also known for its diving locations; if you’re in the area during late January to April watch for Humpback whales.

Nature lovers will enjoy the Caicos Islands with their lush tropical forests and with Middle Caicos having an extensive cave network for the explorers. South Caicos is a place for seafood lovers with fresh lobster and conch fishing.

Traveling between islands is easily done by boat, or by plane for those who don’t handle the sea very well, and is relatively inexpensive. This will really let you experience the islands and their culture. There are plenty of tours available that will take you throughout the islands pointing out all the key attractions.

If you’re looking to really immerse yourself in culture visit the Conch Festival to celebrate this sea creature that makes up a large portion of the areas exports. The Conch festival takes place from November 23 – 24 and has lots of activities for the whole family. Festivities begin on the 3rd of November with a conch fritter eating contest. There are events every Saturday leading up to the event that those in the area won’t want to miss.

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