Is it Hurricane Season?

Posted on: August 20th, 2012 by paul

So you are planning on taking a vacation to the Caribbean or southern United States and you are unsure if the weather is going to co-operate.  It’s always important to check local weather conditions and weather maps before your trip, especially if you are booking last minute.

Will your vacation have clear skies?

Also, it is important to ensure your travel insurance covers cancellation or interruption due to extreme weather conditions. Ask your travel agent or call your insurance company to make sure you get the coverage that you need, especially when traveling in tropical storm season.

Take note that the official hurricane season of the Atlantic Ocean ranges from June 1st to November 30th. The majority of hurricanes fall between August and October. Keep in mind that tropical storms also take place within this time period. The main difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane is the severity of the weather, specifically the wind. The wind in a ‘tropical storm’ ranges from 39 to 73 miles per hour while a hurricane has winds of over 74 miles per hour.

Another important note is that hurricanes are fueled by warm air and the warm water in the ocean. Hurricanes most often take place in the fall because this is when the ocean has been heated to sufficient temperature to fuel the lengthy storm and massive amounts of rain that accompany these tropical storms.

So next time when you plan a trip down south between June and November be sure to check out the weather reports. It may be a good idea to book a last minute vacation to ensure that when you get to your tropical destination, you are greeted by sun and fun, and not rain and wind. A weather report may be your best friend in addition to getting a great deal.

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