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November 2013 Travel Deals

Posted on: November 11th, 2013 by paul

The first cold snap of the year is upon us, have you booked your Caribbean vacation yet? Or maybe you just want to head down to Las Vegas for a few days to blow off some steam. Either way, has the deal for you. (more…)

5 Tips for Relaxing on Vacation

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 by paul

You did it. You worked overtime, saved your change, cut back on specialty coffee and now you finally booked that dream vacation. Now the challenge is forcing yourself to get out of the daily grind and into the relaxation zone. (more…)

World Languages: Switzerland

Posted on: November 6th, 2013 by paul

In a recent blog, we took a deeper look at the languages spoken on the island of Hispaniola (consisting of The Dominican Republic and Haiti). Today we will take a look at one of the world’s most diverse countries when it comes to languages: Switzerland.


Travel Deals for the First Week of Movember

Posted on: November 4th, 2013 by paul

Happy Movember!

That caterpillar on your lip (or the lip of your significant other) has probably already started to get fuzzy, it’s the perfect time to go on vacation and takes some photos that will last a lifetime. Whether you grow a moustache like Pablo Escobar or Lanny MacDonald, the Caribbean is the perfect place to showcase that new friend on your face.  (more…)

Friday Workout of the Day

Posted on: November 1st, 2013 by paul

Its Friday and you want to get your weekend started. You know you are planning a lot of fun activities that may not tilt the health scales in your favor so what better way to pay it forward than get in a workout on Friday. This can give you piece of mind to indulge in the guilty pleasures of the weekend knowing that you won’t be putting yourself too far behind. (more…)